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Due to ongoing health concerns we are sad to report that Oldwestcoons is closing its doors. We have had a wonderful time breeding these fantastic cats and have meet many very nice people who have provided forever homes to our kittens. We know that our kittens have brought many hours of enjoyment into their lives. I know the cats that we have here at the house have brought much joy and laughfter to us. Again to all of our extended cat family, and we do consider you all as family, we say thank you. Knowing you has enriched our lives. 


  John & Mary 

A Maine Coon Cattery in Historic Hillsborough, NC

 It is that time again we currently have a kitten with some more on the way. We have a single little girl from Remington and  Dory, just the one in the litter which is somewhat unusual. Because a single kitten really does not stress a mom, Dory went into heat very  quickly and is again pregnant by Remington. We expect to see these kittens around the first week in May.  Pictures of this little girl are on the Kitten page. Now something a little new from us at Old West Coons. We are going to be placing some of our retired  show cats along with a couple of cats that were held back for show in the past. If you have been wanting a Maine Coon but were put off by the cost of a kitten these are for you as we will be asking about half the cost of a kitten as we find forever homes for these great cats.You can find their pictures on our new Retires page. We look forward to hearing from folks and check back soon on the new litter in May. 

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Our new babies are ready to go home now and are getting into everything, and they are growing like weeds. The hardest part for us has been telling which one is which as they all look so much alike. If you have been thinking about adding a new fuzzy family member please e-mail or call. We always love to talk about our babies.

Our Thanks

Grand Champion Makanacoon Remington of OldWestCoons




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