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Our Boys

A Maine Coon Cattery in Historic Hillsborough, NC
Grand Premier Makanacoon VPJack King of the Cabin


King is the first boy that we showed. A classic brown tabby with white, he won his Grand at 11 months, at the National Capitol Cat Show in Chantilly Va. At that show he was judged Best Long Haired Premier in 7 out of 8 rings, as well as taking Best and Second Best All Breed ribbons in a couple of rings. King is now retired from showing and living the life of leisure at our home.   

Ch. OldWestCoons Black Bart


Bart is one of Remmy's sons from his first litter, Dory is his mom. He is a sweet, loving, very out going boy. While I don't think he will get as big as his dad he is still a good sized boy. His favorite place to sleep is snug up against MJ. Needless to say he is her boy, so much so she turned down an offer from a professional animal trainer in Hollywood who wanted him for a movie roll. She was afraid Bart would not be treated well enough.

To learn more about our cats contact us at:  information@oldwestcoons.com

Grand Champion Makanacoon Remington of OldWestCoons


Remington is our breeding male, and has sired all of our kittens, as well as some litters for other catteries. He is a big majestic looking boy, with as sweet a temperament as you could ask for. This is a trait that he passes to all of his offspring. Though no longer active in the show hall he finished his career as the number two in color in the nation, as well as the number two Maine Coon in the Southern Reigon of CFA. He now has the run of the house, but spends most of his time lounging by a window in the sun. What a life.

To The Girls