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Our Girls


Champion Britaccoon Sakakawea of OldWestCoons

Sakakawea is now 8 months old and is competing as an adult. Last weekend at the Coastal Paws show in Myrtle Beach SC she won her winners ribbons and is now a Champion. Since she has reached this milestone we are retiring her from the show ring and she will soon start of a much more important career as a mother. In a couple more months, after she matures a little more, she will become an important part of our breeding program.

Champion Makanacoon's Island Raindear

This is our newest girl Champion Makanacoon's Island Raindear. Once again we owe a big Thank You to Pat Taylor of Makanacoon Cattery for letting us have this wonderful girl. She is carefree and playful, as well as being big and beautiful. It is starting to be a very exicing time here.


Champion/Premier Makanacoon Rainbows Other Half

Halfsie is our first Maine Coon. She was brought into our home as a retired Champion show cat, and this unbelievable girl won us to this breed for keeps. Her favorite trick is if you are in the kitchen she will come up behind you and tap you on the back for a treat.  She is just a joy to have around.

To Our Boys

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