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Our Thanks

To all the friends who helped us get to this level.

   This if our feeble attempt to thank all of he Maine  Coon breeders without who's help OldWestCoons  would have never come into being. It is with a true heart felt gratitude we say thank you to Diana Fox of Alopeke, Pam Jarmon, Susan Duke from Dukehaven, Wendy Little of Purrlightly, Anna Brna & Karen Hullander of Purrbodys, Becky Carrion of Britacoon, who is trusting us with one of her wonderful little girls to be our first Queen. Finally to our friend and mentor Pat Taylor at Makanacoon. She is the lady that introduced us to these wonderful cats, encouraged us to try our hand at showing. Taught us how prepare a cat to show, trusted us with an absolutely incredible boy to to start with, and our first breeding male, Remington.
  With out the assistance of all of these wonderful people OldWestCoons would have never come to be, so again to all of you Thank You .

John & Mary Jo

Grand Champion Makanacoon Remingtom of OldWestCoons

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