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The latest litter is now here and will be ready to go home the first of the year. This is a Wyatt and Raindear pairing which has given us 7 wonderful brown tabbys. A mix of classics and mackerels, with a couple having white markings too. They are all very playful and active, and don't mind playing with the older cats while they are going at it. If a playful loving kitten is in your plans drop us a note or give us a call, we do enjoy talking to folks about our kittens. 








There you are 7 of the most adorable kittens you have ever seen.These are the classic Maine Coon color one that most people ask us about. They are ready to become a part of your family and bring much laughter and joy for many years.

E-Mail information@oldwestcoons.com or call 919-732-5459